Patio Homes and Villas in Johnson County, Kansas

What is the definition of a patio home or villa, and how is it different from a condonimium or townhome?

The criteria for what defines a patio home or villa are not standardized by any means. In other parts of the country, they even refer to these one-level homes as carriage homes. (We do not see the carriage home terminology used in the Kansas City area.)

A patio home or villa is usually:

  • All on one level or at least the Master Bedroom is on the main level
  • Maintenance provided
  • One unit, perhaps two
  • Has a small, privately-owned yard

Townhomes and condominiums have more units per building. In Kansas City, many condos were formerly apartments. Townhomes do not (usually) have as many units per building and they usually have a small patio area, but no privately-owned yard.

In the Heartland Multiple Listing Service, which serves the greater Kansas City area, patio homes and villas are lumped together. Townhomes and Condominiums each have their own category. Various search portals handle these categories in their own unique way, so it can be tricky to search for exactly what you want. This is where The Henderson Larson Group can help! Use this page to get started, then please don't hesitate to call us for any additional assistance.