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The Henderson Larson Realty Group understands how easy it is to get into predicaments that lead to a damaged credit score. A credit score that is too low can keep you from purchasing a home. So darned many things can impact your credit score negatively:

  • Late payments due to job loss or medical situations
  • Lack of credit history
  • Public records such as unsatisfied judgments
  • Collection accounts

Your credit score is all important when obtaining financing to purchase a home. If your score is low, it needs to be repaired. The Larson Team can recommend credit repair services to assist you with this. You can also do it on your own!

Please don't be embarrassed. Poor credit is common due to the Great Recession. There is help! Get started on upgrading your credit score today so that you will be ready to purchase a house when the time is right. We will be right there, waiting for you, and ready to help!