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Homes for Sale in Communities for People Over 50 Years of Age

The Henderson Larson Realty Group caters to people who are looking at moving into a one-level home, patio home, townhome, or a community dedicated to those over 50.

The Kansas City area does not have very many of these homes, unfortunately. After all, our up-and-down weather is not what everyone is looking for in their golden years. However, you might be like us and have family here or simply want to stay where you have lived your entire life.

Homes association dues vary widely.  Some are around $200 per month, one subdivision is $470 per quarter, and another is over $500 per month.

If you decide you want a 50+ community, you had better run when one of these comes on the market because they do not last. The Larson Team will run with you and get your deal done.

The homes below are in communities for people over 50 or 55 years of age.

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