Townhomes, Condos, Villas, and Patio Homes - What's the Difference?

in Johnson County and Wyandotte County Kansas

The main difference between condominiums and townhouses is the number of units per building. Townhouses are often larger, usually with two stories, and may include ownership of a small portion of the land surrounding the unit. Condos in the KC area are frequently apartments that have been converted. A condo owner typically owns just the inside of the unit; the outside areas are collectively owned by all the other owners in the development.

There is no clear definition of patio homes and villas. Most people think of villas as being larger and more expensive. A common misperception about patio homes is that they are built on a slab; this is not the case. Most homes in the KC area have basements, but not all of them!

Homeowners Association Fees (HOA) take care of the exterior maintenance of the property. Some homes associations maintain almost everything such as roofs, exterior painting, and lawns. Some even include gas and water! Other associations may only cover lawn maintenance and snow shoveling of the roads. The monthly fees vary widely and must be carefully considered when purchasing this type of property.

In the Heartland Multiple Listing Service, which serves the greater Kansas City area, Townhomes and Condominiums each have their own category. Patio homes and villas are lumped in together. Various search portals handle these categories in their own unique way, so it can be tricky to search for exactly what you want. This is where The Henderson Larson Group can help! Please do not hesitate to call Henderson Larson Group for any additional assistance. We would love to help you find your dream maintenance-provided home in Johnson County.

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